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dimecres, de maig 21, 2008

Altar - Santa Maria de Lluçà


Blogger Laurence said...

I am a French painter of icons...looking for a good reproduction (picture) of the front of the altar of Santa Maria de Lluçà. I just found this detail that you put on your blog. Would you, by any chance, have a picture of the whole painting ? Thank you for your answer.

15/10/08 3:05 p. m.  
Blogger dErsu_ said...

No, unfortunately I don't have any picture of all the altar. I only have this one (a greater bit, is then seen here is cut), which is from one of the scenes represented on the altar. Anyway, if you want the whole picture, give your e-mail, and flavorful I will send it to you.

15/10/08 10:48 p. m.  

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